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Buy local, naturally.

By finding us, you have been doing some research. We wholeheartedly support our neighboring farms and encourage you, even if you don’t buy from us, to buy direct from a producer.

Beef sales

The Atwood family has been raising livestock for over thirty years here in western New York. Most of our products have been directly marketed to consumers. When the local slaughter house closed (Carlson Bros.) we ceased selling direct to the consumer for a number of years. After a lot of local requests for products straight from our farm again we have chosen to go with Joe’s Meats in Ontario, NY for USDA inspected products. The beef that is finished on our farm is grass fed and finished. Many of our Angus steers have also gone to a local finisher and have graded choice.

Our philosophy is providing a quality product cost effectively that leaves our livestock as natural as possible. For many years we have implemented rotational grazing and solar powered water systems to try and lessen impact on the environment. We started that even before it was considered "Green".

When you contact us be prepared to tell us what exactly you are looking for. We will let you know what we have available or if we can adjust accordingly.

We also offer:

  • Pure Maple syrup made right here on our farm
  • Hay grown without pesticides or inoculates
  • Consulting in a variety of areas

Contact us by phone: 585-289-4441 or

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